Herbalife SKIN range - botanical skincare for daily use


Herbalife SKIN combines formula, quality and proven results into a comprehensive skincare line. Intelligent outer nutrition to keep your skin looking refreshed and rejuvenated. With no added parabens or sulphates, our products are formulated with botanicals and vitamins to enhance the appearance of the skin. By sourcing ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Vitamin C, E and B3, our clinically tested Herbalife SKIN range promotes softer, smoother and more radiant skin.* 

Herbalife SKIN Collagen Skin Booster - beauty drink with proven results


A blend of science and taste. We have expertly developed Collagen Skin Booster – a beauty drink with proven results. Collagen Skin Booster contains Verisol® P – scientifically proven to reduce eye wrinkles and improve skin elasticity in just 4 weeks. High in key vitamins and minerals, Collagen Skin Booster is designed to complement your skincare routine. Flavour is just as important, and we haven't sacrificed any of it when developing this collagen powder. Enjoy Collagen Skin Booster in a refreshing strawberry-lemon flavour.



    First things first – step 1 in your skincare routine is cleansing. Facial cleansers are used to remove excess oil, dirt and makeup before you tone and moisturise. Herbalife SKIN has a versatile range of cleansing products, formulated with botanicals and deep cleansing ingredients, to suit all skin types. Choose from Soothing Aloe Cleanser, Polishing Citrus Cleanser, Instant Reveal Berry Scrub and Purifying Mint Clay Mask.

  2. TONE

    Using a toner after cleansing is the best-kept secret in skincare. Toning helps to hydrate and refresh dull-looking skin while preparing the skin for better absorption of serums. With a gentle and uplifting formula, Energising Herbal Toner is entirely alcohol-free and contains Aloe Vera and vitamins B3, C and E.

  3. TREAT

    Next step in your skincare routine is diminishing the appearance of fine lines** and improving skin softness.*** To achieve this, you can use a serum that delivers a high concentration of active ingredients. We have formulated Line Minimising Serum with Vitamin B3, antioxidant Vitamins C and E, Aloe Vera and Chestnut seed extract. Our light-weight serum absorbs quickly and helps you to see an improvement in radiance and glow.***


    The skin around the eyes is incredibly delicate and sensitive and can be prone to dryness. In this step, you’ll be taking extra care to make sure that the skin under the eyes is properly nourished. This is where eye creams and gels come in handy. Herbalife SKIN’s eye care products – Firming Eye Gel and Hydrating Eye Cream – are formulated with Aloe Vera, cucumber extract and vitamins, to help improve the overall appearance of the eye area.*


    Using a moisturiser is incredibly important as it helps your skin look more glowing, and feel softer and smoother.*** By using Daily Glow Moisturiser, you are keeping your skin fresh and hydrated throughout the day. When it comes to your evening skincare routine, it’s essential to use Replenishing Night Cream to deliver much needed moisture to the skin at night. To protect your skin against broad spectrum UVA/UVB rays, add SPF30 Protective Moisturiser to your daily routine.

Herbalife SKIN range - skincare products formulated with key vitamins


Give your skin the nutrition it deserves. All Herbalife SKIN products are formulated with botanical ingredients, powerful antioxidants and key vitamins and minerals. All outer nutrition products from the Herbalife SKIN range are free from parabens and free from sulphates. Expert high-quality nutrition is at the core of everything we do.

Herbalife SKIN range - skincare made simple


Skincare made simple. We’ve created the Herbalife SKIN line by using a unique blend of hydrating botanicals, antioxidant vitamins and key minerals. All our face creams, serums, gels and moisturisers are clinically tested and proven to help you achieve optimal results including softer, smoother and more radiant skin.***

Herbalife SKIN 7 Days Results Pack


Our Herbalife SKIN product line is designed and formulated to deliver fast, visible results in just 7 days.* We test, re-test and then test again to make sure that our products are formulated to help you achieve remarkable improvement in skin softness, smoothness, glow and luminosity in just 7 days.***


Q1: How do I know if my skin is normal to dry?

Normal-to-dry skin will have patches where skin cells flake, the surface appears dull and fine lines are more visible, especially around the eyes and above the lip. Harsh cleansing, cold weather, indoor heat and arid climates make your skin feel tight and sensitive. Fortunately, people with normal-to-dry skin are usually free from blemishes and breakouts. For normal-to-dry skin, add Herbalife SKIN Soothing Aloe Cleanser to your daily routine.


Q2: How do I know if my skin is normal to oily?

Normal-to-oily skin will look shiny, especially in the T-Zone (nose, chin, forehead and cheeks). These areas have more oil glands than other parts of the face and, therefore, are a bit oilier and break out more frequently. Pores may be more visible, blemishes more apparent and the face could be sensitive to harsh cleansers and drying alcohols. For normal-to-oily skin, use Herbalife SKIN Polishing Citrus Cleanser.


Q3: Is it necessary to use a moisturiser if I have oily skin?

In a word, yes! In order for your skin to function at its best, it must have adequate moisture. Even the oiliest of skin can have low moisture levels. No matter what your skin type is, moisturising is an essential step for healthy skin and should be done every morning and every evening before bedtime. The Herbalife SKIN line includes a Polishing Citrus Cleanser developed for normal-to-oily skin.


Q4: At what point do I apply serum? Is it better to apply before or after Night Cream or Day Lotion?

Serum always goes on BEFORE your moisturisers. Serums are generally a bit more light weight in texture and consistency. They are formulated to deliver ingredients deeper into the skin than most moisturisers can reach. This is why it’s so important to put serum on first followed by your Night and Day Creams. Remember to always cleanse and tone your skin prior to applying your serum for maximum results.


Q5: Why is using a night cream important?

Skin cells replace themselves faster than any other cells in the body. The peak hours for cell reproduction occur while you are sleeping. It is during this time when your body repairs the damage that was done during the day. Because this is when new cells are born, it is imperative to use a night cream that is enriched with vitamins and nutrients to facilitate healthy cell renewal. Our Herbalife SKIN line contains an antioxidant-rich night cream for all skin types to help fight the signs of aging.


Q6: Can I wear both the Eye Gel and Eye Cream at the same time?

Each product has been developed for a specific skin care function. The Eye Gel helps firm the skin around the eyes, while the Eye Cream brings much needed hydration and helps diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. For maximum benefit it’s best to stick to a daytime and night time regimen that includes the Eye Gel in the morning and the Eye Cream at night. However, if you choose to use both, apply the Eye Gel first, wait a minute or so until it dries down, and then apply the Eye Cream over top.


Q7: What is the difference between an eye gel and an eye cream?

An eye gel is generally used during the day to help revive the under-eye area, providing a wonderful cooling effect that refreshes and energises the delicate skin. The Herbalife SKIN Firming Eye Gel helps increase your skin’s elasticity. An eye cream can be used during the day or night, but is generally applied at bedtime. Richer in texture than an eye gel, eye creams provide extra moisture and vitamins. Try Herbalife SKIN Firming Eye Gel and Hydrating Eye Cream for great results.

Q8: Why do I need to exfoliate?

Everyone exfoliates naturally. In fact, we lose about a million skin cell particles every minute. Using an exfoliating scrub helps this process along. Teenagers completely regenerate their skin about every 14 days. By the time we reach age 40, that rate can increase to about 30–40 days, resulting in dry, ashy or mottled-looking skin. Proper exfoliation reduces the time cells sit on the surface. The scrubbing particles slough off the dry, dead cells and bring the newer skin cells to the forefront, giving us a healthier and more vibrant complexion. Herbalife SKIN Instant Reveal Berry Scrub contains Blueberry seeds for exfoliation to smooth and polish the skin.


Q9: Why should I use a mask?

Masks perform accelerated cleansing, toning and moisturising all in one. They add moisture or absorb oils from the skin, and help refine the appearance of pores, dissolve impurities and tone the skin. The result is a soft, smooth complexion with improved texture and tone. It is a good idea to always follow your mask with a moisturiser or night cream to help maintain a healthy moisture balance.


Q10: If I decide to use a mask and exfoliate on the same day which should I do first?

We would advise exfoliating the skin first. There is no sense in wasting a good mask on dead skin cells. By exfoliating first, you start with a nice, fresh face to mask. This will allow the mask to really deliver its benefits without any interference from dead or dying skin cells.


Q11: How can I buy Herbalife SKIN skincare products in the UK?

Herbalife SKIN products are sold exclusively through a network of independent distributors. You can buy Herbalife SKIN products by connecting with one of our independent distributors (find an independent distributor in your area using our form).


Q12: How long before I see results?

Our Herbalife SKIN products are dermatologically tested and clinically proven to deliver fast, visible results in just 7 days*, showing a diminished appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in 7 days** and achieving remarkable improvement in skin softness, smoothness, radiance, glow and luminosity in just 7 days.***


Q13: Are Herbalife SKIN products vegan and cruelty-free?

Herbalife SKIN products are not tested on animals. All Herbalife SKIN products are developed in compliance with EU regulations which prohibit testing cosmetics on animals. In addition, none of the Herbalife SKIN outer nutrition products are formulated with animal or animal-derived ingredients.


*Results applicable to Line Minimising Serum, Replenishing Night Cream, Daily Glow Moisturiser, SPF 30 Protective Moisturiser, Hydrating Eye Cream and Firming Eye Gel.

**Test on 30 subjects: skin roughness measured by Visioscan at intervals of 0, 7 and 42 days.

***Test on 30 subjects: smoothness, softness, glow, radiance and luminosity measure by visual expert grading at intervals of 2, 4 and 7 days.